The run distances of BagYard Ultra | 100 miles | 50 miles | 26.2 miles | 13.1 miles | 8.2 miles | 4.1 miles are all based on the back yard format consisting of a 4.167 mile loop that runners must complete within an hour.  For distances beyond one lap, runners must be back in the Start Carroll and on the start line on the hour to start the next lap.  Eventure also includes a 1.2 mile FUN RUN

Choose your distance. Enter solo or as a team.  (N.B. Team entries can only have one runner on the circuit at any one time).



Why is the course 4.167 miles long?

  • So if a participant ran 24 laps/24hrs, they would have completed exactly 100 miles.

Will the half marathon and marathon be a full 13.1 miles and 26.2 miles distance?

  • Yes the additional distance will be made up in a shorter lap around Home Farm.

Will my lap times be added together to make an accumulative time?

  • Yes…the timing chip will record your time from leaving the Start Caroll timing mat to rejoining it.

Do I really get a break every lap?

  • Yes…but history has shown that those who run too fast will burn out. For distances beyond a half marathon, the optimum lap time is 52 minutes.

What is in the Start Carroll?

  • Think of the Start Carroll as your base camp. It will include:
  • Marquees will provide cover for you to leave your kit/supplies and house cold water, hot water and fridges.
  • Plenty of portable loos and a urinal.
  • Access to participant camping including camper vans.
  • Expert first aid provision.
  • Runners of all abilities to mingle, encourage and share knowledge with!

I’ve entered…what now?

  • Train!…practice running this format if you sign up for more than one lap.
  • Train!…practice running routes that combine trail and road!
  • Train!…familiarise yourself with nutrition and hydration that works for you.
  • Get sponsored – make use of the half price entry and agree to raise over £60 – the cost of x3 SchoolBags.
  • Invite everyone you know to come and watch you…through their support, they will be fundraising in the process!

I’ve completed my Eventure distance…what will I receive?

  • A commemorative medal
  • A free pass for the Eventure Music evening
  • A buzz from achieving your goal

Sold?  Then choose your distance and sign up now. Life is an Eventure!

Route Map

Starting and finishing at Home Farm on Main Street in Chilthorne Domer, the 4.167 mile loop is a mixture of trail and road. 


After crossing a number of Home Farm fields, the route along Chilthorne Hill Lane will take runners through the privately owned (so no pre Eventure recce’s permitted) Axesclose Farm (the cows will moo for you at milking time, honest!) before climbing off-road up to Thorne Lane. 


Following a shallow climb up to Thorne Cross, (the highest point on the course 89m asl), the route descends down over two hills through the picturesque gated village of Thorne Coffin.  The route then crosses two fields to arrive at the south end of Chilthorne Domer. 


Soak up some applause down through the village before cutting back on to Home Farm to follow the route down around the festival site and back in to the Start Carroll.


4.167 miles complete – how many more could you do?

Home Farm, Chilthorne Domer

Home Farm has plenty of venue space – Home Farm Fest held annually on the second weekend in June has 3,500 people in attendance – so there is room for parking and camping.


For those running the Marathon/6 laps+ and Half Marathon/3 laps+ the additional 1.2 miles and 0.6 miles to make up the distance will be made up around the fields on this map.  There are public footpaths in five of these fields so plenty of spectator viewing spots 🙂


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